Let's Talk About Living Your Life Without Labels


Sometimes while we are in the midst of living our lives, carrying on minding our own business (or not), we get something thrown at us. Sometimes literally, like that time someone tried to drop a water balloon on me in university but had really bad aim so it landed a foot behind me and I got the last laugh - yes, I saw you sucker). But in this case I mean not literally.

I mean a label. 

It can be from a doctor/psychiatrist: You're depressed. You're anxious. You're insane (sue them). It can be from a mean person: You're fat. You're too thin. You're stupid (throw a water balloon at them). 

Occasionally, we let these things roll right off of us like water on a duck (...). Sometimes, however, they stick. 

They could even be good labels: You're the smart one, or the funny one, or the beautiful one, or the writer or the painter or the musician or the fast food delivery guy. 

For a while, they're fun. Like yeah, okay, I like being smart. But then maybe they get tired of the smart label, like do your own homework please or no I will not edit your personal statement for the 100th time. Or maybe you're a musician who just wants to go corporate but your bros are giving you a hard time about it. Maybe you're the travel blogger who wants to stay home or the fitness model who wants to eat your weight in donuts and not lift things for a while before you get a hernia.

Maybe you're the mom, and that's a label that doesn't come off but maybe you'd like to, ya know, shower in peace or not change that poop-filled diaper or just go to the mall without your stroller. 

So here's how you do that:

You be you. (shower without baby: put them in crib)


It's so easy yet for some reason people are so afraid to step out of the box that other people have made for them. They're the anxious person so anything that will "trigger" you is to be avoided (I can say this. I was the anxious person.). They're claustrophobic so cave diving or elevator riding will never be an option. They're the mom so posing naked on the internet is forbidden (it's not). 

It's like we forget we have options but humans are multi-dimensional so really you can be whatever the F you wanna be at anytime. I wouldn't suggest bank robber or double agent because that could end messily, but anything else, go for it - even if it puts you outside of the hole you've been pegged into. 

I've struggled with this lately. 

That's obviously why I'm writing about it.

But then I was reminded life is really incredibly short and if you want to experience all it has to offer, you've got to shrug off your label and get down to business (or cave diving or elevator riding or whatever you want to do). 

Go for it.